Sunday, August 7, 2011

New at Shag for Project Themeory!

One night in Bangkok... 'Thai Me Up' includes scripted chopsticks (dark and light wood) and a little delivery box charm that can also be texture changed (7 patterns). Both include an invisi option.

Available in two seperate 3 color packs (one with roots, one without), each for 75L until the end of the weekend.

Special thanks to my 'amaze' model, Ms. Strawberry Singh, who suffered through disconnect issues and my need for so much kitsch. You are a star <3

TP to Shag!

Last week we introduced our latest shade additions to the new texture family... The 'Rooted' pack consists of 5 shades, each with their own tailored roots to make them look as natural as possible.

This is the last day to pick up 'Voulez-Vous' at a discounted price of 150L per five color pack and 600L for an all colors pack (roots not included) at the Fashionably Late event.

TP to Chic!