Monday, September 6, 2010

New at Shag for Hair Fair 2010!

There are 5 new releases (3 women's, 2 men's) available for the next few weeks ONLY at the Shag@HairFair booth as well as a gift pack of a previous release in all colors. You can check out the demos at our Shag-MainStore location if you're not quite ready to brave the Hair Fair lag.

This is our 2nd year at Hair Fair (last year was our store launch) so we're really excited to be a part of it again as a marker for our first year anniversary and to help support a great cause Wigs For Kids.

All modeling and styling done by Saeya Nyanda & Rowan Keats (thanks!) so please message them with styling questions (No, really... do it, don't message me lol).